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University Of California Santa Barbara: Special Programs, Opportunities, and Scholarships

University Of California Santa Barbara

University Of California Santa Barbara: Special Programs, Opportunities, and Scholarships
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 - The dep. encourages undergraduate scholars to benefit from a variety of different possibilities to develop their instructional experience, together with university-extensive programs akin to UCDC, and departmental systems comparable to Freshman Seminars and Unbiased Studies.

The department encourages undergraduate students to take advantage of a range of Special  pportunities to broaden their educational experience, including university-wide programs such as UCDC, and departmental programs such as Freshman Seminars and Independent Studies.

University Of California Santa Barbara

Study Abroad

Many political science majors study abroad, either as a means for deeping their study of politics or as a way of complementing their major with experiences in another culture and language.  For more information, see theUCSB Education Abroad Program.

UC Center at Sacramento

The UC Center at Sacramento offers students the chance to study and become involved in California State government through a small, intensive program with students from the other UC campuses around the state.  

UCSB Washington Program

One of the most popular campus programs for political science majors is the UCSB Washington Program, a part of "UC DC," which offers students an experiential learning experience in Washington DC.

Seminars and Independent Studies

The department offers Freshman Seminars and Senior Seminars. Qualified students may also enroll in an independent study with a faculty member, in which they engage in individualized learning on a topic of interest.  For more information about seminars and independent studies, contact the department's undergraduate advisor,Stephen Wiener.
Scholarship Opportunities
The Larry Adams Scholarship in Public Policy
The Adams Scholarship, named in honor of former UCSB Professor Larry Adams, recognizes the importance of local internships and the benefit that such experiences can have for UCSB students.  The scholarship is given to a selected upper division political science major serving as an unpaid intern in a local government agency or in the local office of a state or federal elected official or agency.  The stipend is awarded for a single quarter and the award varies from quarter to quarter.

Louis Lancaster Scholarship for International Studies
The Lancaster Scholarship is a financial scholarship for undergraduate students majoring in Political Science with a strong interest in international relations.  Students must be in residence at UCSB for the award academic year.

The application deadline for the 2013-2014 academic year is May 2, 2013.  For more information, please view theinformation flier.  For this year's aplication, please view the word document.
Minority Targeted Internships and Programs
UCSB Diversity Programs
UCSB has a wide variety of programs and resources for students who are minorities.  For a full listing, please visit the Diversity Resources website.

Academic Resource Consortium (ARC) - a summer program that provides mentored research experiences in all disciplines to undergraduates at the junior level or continuing seniors with the potential to succeed in graduate study, but who have experiences situations or conditions that have adversely impacted their advancement in their field of study.  For more information, visit the ARC website.
Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS) - assists students in their mastery of University course material through course-specific tutoring and academic skills development.  For more information, visit the CLAS website.
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) - offers academic and other support services to low-income and first generation college students.  EOP provides guidance through the admission and enrollment process and supports EOP students trhough graduation with services such as academic and personal advising, cultural programming, academic support groups, orientation and summer bridge programs, peer advising, and career counseling.  For more information, visit the EOP website.
McNair Scholars Proram - prepares qualified undergraduates for entrance to a PhD program in all fields of study.  The goals of the program are to increase the number of first-generation, low-income and/or underrepresented students in PhD programs, and ultimately, to diversity the faculty in colleges and universities across the country.  For more information, visit the McNair website.

APSA Diversity Programs
The American Political Science Association has established several major programs whose goal it is to enhance diversity within the discipline and to help identify and aid students and faculty of from under-represented backgrounds in the political science discipline.  For a general overview of programs, please visit the APSA website.

Minority Fellows Program - a fellowship competition designed to increase the number of minority PhDs in political science and to encourage institutions to provide financial assistance to them.  For more information, visit the MFP website.
Ralph Bunchee Summer Institute (RBSI) - an annual five-week program designed to introduce minority students to the world of graduate study and to encourage application to PhD programs.  For more information, visit the RBSI website.
Minority Student Recriument Program (MID) - a collaboration of undergraduate and graduate schools in political science created to identify undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds who are interested in, or show potential for, graduate study and, ultimately, to help further diversify the political science profession.  For more information, visit the MID website.