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Philippine Department of Science and Technology Scholarship Programs 2013-2014

Philippine Department of Science and Technology Scholarship Programs 2013-2014

Philippine Department of Science and Technology Scholarship Programs 2013-2014
Philippine Department of Science and Technology Scholarship Programs
Philippine Department of Science and Technology Scholarship Programs 2013-2014To stimulate and trap talented Filipino youths to pursue lifetime efficient careers in science and technology; and,
Make sure that a gradual, good enough provide of certified S&T human tools which can steer the country towards nationwide progress.


1. DOST-SEI Benefit Scholarship Application
The DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Software, before referred to as the NSDB or NSTA Scholarship, all started in 1958. Merit students pursue precedence courses within the fundamental sciences, engineering, other implemented technological know-how and technology and mathematics at identified universities.

Criteria of Eligibility:
  • Belong to the upper 5% of the high school graduating class;
  • Be a natural born Filipino citizen;
  • Be in good health;
  • Be of good moral character; and,
  • Be a qualifier of the S&T scholarship exam

2.  RA 7687 S&T Scholarship Program
  • Republic Act No. 7687, also known as the Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 1994, provides for scholarships to talented and deserving students whose families’ socio-economic status does not exceed the set cut-off values of certain indicators. Qualifiers must pursue priority fields of study in the basic sciences, applied sciences, engineering, science and mathematics teaching, technology and technical courses.

Criteria of Eligibility:
  • Be a poor, talented and deserving student who belongs to a family whose socio-economic status does not exceed the set values of certain indicators as approved by the Advisory Committee on the S&T scholarships;
  • Be a member of the top 5% of the regular high school graduating class, or a member of the graduating class of a DOST-SEI identified or DepEd-recognized science high school;
  • Be a natural born Filipino citizen;
  • Be a resident of the municipality for the last 4 years as attested by the barangay/school records;
  • Be of good moral character and in good health;
  • Be a qualifier of the S&T scholarship exam.

Philippine Department of Science and Technology Scholarship Programs 2013-2014

3. Junior Level Science Scholarship Program
  • These are scholarship grants to qualified third year students who are enrolled in priority engineering courses and in basic and applied sciences at identified universities and colleges.
Criteria of Eligibility:
  • A regular 3rd year student in a priority S&T course at an identified university;
  • Must have a grade of 83% or better in Math and Science and no failing grade in any academic subject;
  • Not more than 21 years old;
  • Not a recipient of any other scholarships except tuition fees supplement; and,
  • Must pass the qualifying examination and second level screening.

4. Accelerated S&T Human Resource Development Program

  • To help improve the country’s global competitiveness and capability to innovate through alternative approaches on HRD in S&T;
  • To accelerate the production of high-level human resources needed for S&T activities particularly in the area of R&D
Types of Graduate Scholarships:
  • University based MS/PhD Program
o New students
o On-going graduate students who have already taken certain MS or PhD units in priority S&T fields
  • Thesis/Dissertation Grant Support for R&D priority areas of DOST
Criteria of Eligibility:
  • Belong to any of the following:
    • Professionals doing research or those from industry
    • Newly graduated students
    • On-going MS/PhD students in priority S&T fields and DOST network schools
  • Be a Filipino citizen
  • Not more than 45 years old at the time of application
  • Be in good health status
  • Have passed the criteria of selection under the ASTHRDP and admission requirements for graduate students at any of the DOST identified institutions
Study Placement
  • DOST R&D Network Institutions
  • CHED Centers of Excellence/Development specifically UP Diliman, UP Los Banos, DLSU, ADMU, MIT, UST, USC, and MSU-IIT
Priority Areas
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Microelectronics
  • Earth and Space Science (Meteorology)
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources
  • Fisheries and Marine Science
  • Environment
  • Biotechnology
Scholarship Privileges
  • Tuition and other school fees
  • Stipend
  • Book allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • Group Insurance
  • Thesis/Dissertation

5. Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) Consortium
  • Graduate scholarship program for engineering courses and related fields. This shall be done in the form of local master’s and doctoral scholarships, foreign doctorate and post-doctorate scholarships, visiting professorship grants and research enrichment program.
  • Implementation of research agenda aligned to NSTP and MTPDP
  • Attainment of a critical mass of MS and PhD graduates
  • Upgrading of the qualifications of practicing engineers
  • Accessible graduate education
  • Upgrading of engineering colleges
  • Development of a culture of R&D

6. Philippine Science High School
  • The Philippine Science High School System consists of schools, which offer scholarships to deserving students who are trained under a curriculum designed to prepare them for careers in science and technology. The PSHS System is one of the agencies of the DOST contributing to the expansion and development of the country’s scientific and technological manpower.
  • A campus in the Ilocos Region was opened in 2003 in response to the one of the provisions in RA 9036, An Act Strengthening the Governance and Defining the Scope of the PSHS System, Amending for the Purpose RA 8496. For more details, please visit