Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Merit Scholarships for New Incoming Students 2013-2014

University Scholars33 ACT and either top 5% HS class or 3.75 GPA
Includes full tuition, fees, on-campus room and board
4 years$23,500/yr
NIU Scholars27 ACT and either top 5% or 3.75 GPA4 years$7,000/yr
Northern Academic Scholarship25-26 ACT and either top 10% or 3.0 GPA; or  27 ACT and above; 6-10% of class or 3.0-3.74 GPA2 years$4,000/yr
Centennial Scholarship22-24 ACT and either top 10% or 3.0 GPA 2 years$3,000/yr
Red & Black Award19-21 ACT and either top 10% or 3.0 GPA; or  22 ACT and above; 11-25% of class1 year$3,000
Out-of-State Huskie ScholarshipResident of Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, or Wisconsin; 19 ACT and either top 50% or 2.75 GPA4 years$9,466/yr
DeKalb County ScholarshipDeKalb County public high school 2013 graduate; Variable criteria (cannot be combined with other scholarships)2 years$4,000/yr
NIU Transfer Scholarship3.5 Cumulative Transfer GPA and 30 transferable hours completed at time of admission2 years$2,000/yr
4 + 3 Pre-Law ScholarshipPre-law majors with 28 ACT and 3.5 GPA4 years$2,000/yr
Huskie Legacy AwardIncoming child of NIU alumnus/a1 year$1,000
Merit Scholarships for New Incoming Students 2013-2014
Merit Scholarships

Merit Scholarships for New Incoming Students 2013-2014 - The above scholarships are offered in accordance with the applying for admission to NIU.  A few scholarships are aggressive and might not be presented to all qualified students.  Students must meet all academic criteria, together with both composite ACT rating (or SAT similar) and either the category rank or equivalent grade point reasonable using a 4.zero scale.

Scholarships will be awarded as long as funds remain available - students should be admitted to NIU for fall 2013 by December 1, 2012 to be considered for the maximum scholarship amount. 
Students intending to enroll in Spring 2013 must be admitted by October 1, 2012 in order to receive consideration for merit scholarships.  Due to limited funding, not all qualifed students may receive awards.
Admitted students will be awarded the highest level scholarship for which they are eligible, based on available funding.  Other than the Out-of-State Huskie Scholarship, the Huskie Legacy Award, and the 4 +3 Pre-law Scholarshipmerit scholarships cannot be combined with other merit scholarships on this list.  The University Scholars award cannot be combined with any other award
Transfer students are eligible for the NIU Transfer Scholarship, the Out-of-State Huskie Scholarship, and the Huskie Legacy Award, as funds remain available.  In addition, an application for the Transfer Residential Scholarship will be available in the spring.
Students must be enrolled full-time at NIU in order to be eligible to receive any scholarship offered.   Scholarships will be applied toward tuition charges only.
The Scholarship Office and the Student Financial Aid Office will work together to maximize students' financial opportunities, but not all estimated awards may be utilized due to funding restrictions.  Make sure to file your FAFSA (available January 1, 2013) by the priority filing date of March 1, 2013 to be considered for the most financial aid!
For other scholarship opportunities provided by generous donors to the university, please visit the ScholarshipFinder search engine.